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help and safety

Help and Safety

Welcome to

At, we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for freelancers and clients alike. This Help and Safety page is designed to guide you through our platform's features, policies, and best practices to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

1. Getting Started

a. Creating an Account

To begin your journey on, you need to create an account. Ensure that your profile information is accurate and complete, and consider verifying your identity for an added layer of security.

b. Building Your Profile

Craft a detailed and professional profile to showcase your skills and experience. This not only helps you stand out but also provides clients with a better understanding of your capabilities.

2. Safety Tips for Freelancers

a. Communication Guidelines

- Communicate primarily through our platform's messaging system to keep all interactions documented.
- Be cautious of sharing personal contact information until a project is confirmed and terms are agreed upon.


 b. Secure Payments

Use our secure payment system for all transactions. Avoid making payments outside the platform to protect both parties from potential fraud.

3. Dispute Resolution

In the event of a disagreement or dispute, our platform provides a resolution process. Report any issues promptly, and our team will investigate and facilitate a fair resolution.

 5. Community Guidelines

Respect our community guidelines to maintain a positive and collaborative atmosphere. Any violations may result in account suspension or removal from the platform.

6. Privacy and Security

Protect your personal information, including login credentials. will never ask for sensitive information outside the platform.

7. Help and Support

If you encounter any issues or have questions, our customer support team is here to help. Contact us through the designated channels for prompt assistance. Call; +8801716-648499

8. Updates and Notifications

Stay informed about platform updates, policy changes, and notifications by regularly checking your account settings.

9. Terms of Service and Policies

Familiarize yourself with our Terms of Service and Policies to understand the rules and expectations while using

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to a safer and more efficient freelancing environment on our platform.

Thank you for being a part of!