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Why we're here


We create opportunities for anyone worldwide to build their business, brand, or dream.


Change the way the world works.

Be a portion of the team that's bringing this vision to life.


Our mission is to develop economic opportunities, so people have better lives.

E-Freelancing is the world's career marketplace that links businesses with independent talent. We help everyone from one-person startups to 30% of the Fortune 100 with a powerful, trust-driven platform that allows companies and E-Freelancing. Coms to work jointly in new ways that unlock their possibility. Our people are the most suitable in the world and are at the base of building and growing our marketplace. We come from a range of experiences, have a scope of skills, work on significant and minor issues, and work with a capacity of programming languages, platforms, and technologies. We are a meritocracy where industry, innovation, and results are respected.




Perfecting the platform and applications with cutting-edge technologies:


Our Tech team handles everything from R&D and platform engineering to implementing core product features, developing the E-Freelancing.com mobile app, building unique products from scratch, system frameworks, data pipeline, SRE, IT security, and more. We're a passionate group whose work directly impacts people's lives worldwide. Everyone on the team is encouraged to take the initiative, make changes, and seize opportunities. We deal with challenges in search recommendation algorithms, advanced data architecture, big data, and fraud prevention—all while working to ensure our site experience is flawless.




Make an effect on the way the world works together:


We bring the E-Freelancing.com mission to life through our product. E-Freelancing.com is a B2C product-driven company where data support every move, and every employee is given the tools needed to succeed. Product Managers lead their autonomous task force with relevant team members to ensure work is done efficiently and goals are accomplished quickly. Our Product team comprises some of the most intelligent, talented people in the enterprise, making it an ideal place to learn best practices and methodologies.


  Data the launchpad for successful data careers:


The Data Engineering, Data Science, Market Research, and Data Analysis teams account for 10% of our workforce. Consider that a data fun fact powered by data. Data reigns supreme here—nothing moves without the data to support it. Because the department is extensive and fast-paced, employees have ample opportunities to learn, get feedback, evolve, and grow in their careers. Independent thought is a priority, which is why every Friday is dedicated to employees working on projects of their choosing.




Cultivate your creative career on a global stage:


Our Brand and Product Design teams make sure the user experience on our platform is flawless and shape the creative and design at E-Freelancing.com. Innovation is at the core of E-Freelancing.com's DNA. The plan was one of the first services offered on our platform when we started, and we're proud to partner with design communities worldwide. Our Design department includes the Brand and Product design teams. The Brand design focuses on taking the E-Freelancing.com brand forward through visual identity, powerful storytelling, vital creativity, and motion and structure. The Product Design team crafts the user experience on our platform, building the best UX and working alongside product managers and developers. Our designers are encouraged to take the initiative and drive the E-Freelancing.com brand and experience forward. Are you passionate about UX? Do details guide us? A master of branding and creativity? Our Design department may be the place for you. 



Living and breathing the E-Freelancing.com brand:


Say hello to our Growth, SEO, Retention, Community, Brand, and PR teams. Our Marketing department promotes over 500 different categories, creating campaigns and experiences to cultivate the E-Freelancing.com community on and offline. With influential projects and large budgets, there's never a dull moment. Our mindset is tech-oriented—everything we do is in the strategic context of building a better market for tomorrow. As a result, we do things differently, take risks, and welcome bold and creative ideas.




Leading global expansion to level the professional playing field:


We are powered by our Business Strategy, International Expansion, and Marketplace Business Operations teams. Our business department does it all. Identify and analyze growth opportunities. Check. Oversee operations? Check. Execute product extensions, partnerships, and M&As. Check, check, and check. Their work is leveling the professional playing field for people worldwide. No biggie. 


Customer Care and Trust & Safety


The front line of consumer experience:


Our Customer Success, Customer Support, Trust, and Safety (Risk, Marketplace Integrity, and Policies) Voice of Customer, Content, and Educations teams. Our Customer Care team members drive marketplace quality while ensuring customer needs are met and all feedback is handled correctly. Got a flair for customer care and are obsessed with making a difference? This is the place for you.


Legal, HR, and Operations


The backbone of E-Freelancing.com's culture:


Our HR, Operations, and Legal teams keep our offices and employees thriving. Their work is dedicated to improving all aspects of life at E-Freelancing.com, from acquiring top talent and investing in employee growth to facilities management, procurement, and admin support. By securing vendor partnerships while also handling all law, policy, and corporate matters, Legal, HR, and Operations are the driving force behind the incredible work culture at E-Freelancing.com.




Bills, Budgets, Balances, and Beyond:


Money talks, and our finance team is fluent. From problem-solving to reporting, developing solutions, forecasting, and meeting compliance standards, the Finance team covers it all. Some of the brightest and most qualified minds crunch the numbers to keep the well-oiled E-Freelancing.com machine rolling into the future. 


Our offices


We're all about providing a conducive environment so everyone can learn, succeed, and be their best version. All of our locations showcase items made by E-Freelancing.com Providers. Explore some of our offices here. Our Location 35/2 Monipuripara Tejgaon, Dhaka-1215. 


This won't be your standard cog-in-the-machine type of job. Instead, you will be revealed to the fast pace of a rapidly developing global technology business. So, if you're a tall achiever with skill, looking for something more than a tiresome career in corporate, want to work with the most suitable and most promising, don't require to be handheld, and want to be at ground zero with a business that has a shot at being one of the most prominent places on the Internet, then please join us.



e-freelancing.com is the oldest freelancing domain in the freelancing industry, #according to (#WHOIS - Internet Protocol)

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EST. 8th August, 2002 ( over 20 years+ from today)